3d modeling course: base level

We are glad to invite you the3D Modeling Course: base level (Course Rhinoceros - Official Certificate McNeel Level I in 3D Modeling)

L'obiettivo del corso è quello di formare professionisti che abbiano un elevato grado di competenza nella modellazione e progettazione di forme complesse.

The aim of this course in to form professionals that already have an high grade of competence in modeling and planning complex prototypes.
The program of the lessons will cover basic thematics of graphic interface, 2D drawing, precision drawing and NURBS modeling creating, through practical exercise, 3D geometries
The course will focus on the study of the interface and the learning of the basic commands.
From editing and construction of the drawings to the usage of more complex equipments to get a more solid modeling e realization of curves and free-form surface.
At the end of this course, the apprentice will be able to use RHINo £D to draw projects in 2D and 3D.

Institution of formation:

The Rhniceros Course is three-day long 28 29 30 April for a total of 24 hours of formation.
Time Schedule: from 9am to 1pm, from 2pm to 6pm.


The Modeling Course: base level is reserved for all those users who intend in knowing technics in modeling starting from the basis; there are no particular prerequisites to attend this course.
With the aim of optimizing the different learning phases, before starting the course itself, it is advisable to install the free trial version downloading it directly from the main websiteof the productors, to familiarize with the graphic interface of the software.

Course Program:

General overview of NURBS modeling and surfaces. Program interface. Menu description. Tool bar. Menaging the view of the graphic area.

Creating 2D gemotries:

Drawing bidimensionale curves. Usage of "Snap" tool and limits. Managing levels. Analsys commands. Editing and transformation of objects.

3D Modeling:

Solids and surface modeling - Booleane Operations. Creating deformable forms. "Control point" management.
Advanced modeling techniques:

Creating complex curves:

The grade of a curve, continuity of a curve and a surface, curving graphic. Bitmap usage on wallpaper. Creating a model starting from a 2D drawing.

Certification released:

If the apprentice has attended at least 90% of the total hours lessons, he will be receiving:
- Official Certificate McNeel Rhinoceros LEVEL I released from Giacomo Toth
- Attendance Certificate released from 3D Printing Hi-Tech Lab

The course has a starting price of 429,00 € + IVA

For more information and to reserve a seat: info@hi-techlab.it or call at 071 280 4578

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