• 3D Printing Open Day

    3D Printing Open Day

    14 November 2017 from 10am to 4:30pm 3D PRINTING OPEN DAY One step towards the future of your company! We…

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  • 3d modeling course: base level

    3d modeling course: base level

    We are glad to invite you the3D Modeling Course: base level (Course Rhinoceros - Official Certificate McNeel Level I in…

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  • Photgrammetry course: base leve

    Photgrammetry course: base leve

    We are glad to present the Photogrammetry Course: base level, thought and invetend for all those who want to get…

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  • Corso stampa 3D: livello base.

    Corso stampa 3D: livello base.

    Siamo lieti di presentare il corso di stampa 3D livello base pensato ed ideato per  tutti quelli che vogliono muovere…

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  • 3D Printing Services

    3D Printing Services

    We offer a service for 3D Printing, which we can realize with our printers from 3DPRN with extrusion technology, a…

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  • E-Commerce


    With our staff and partner, we are able to realize an e-commerce website that meets the customer's necessity. You will…

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  • Websites


    We design and create static or dynamic websites, customizable based on the information the customer have provided us. The final…

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  • Retailing 3D Printers from 3DPRN

    Retailing 3D Printers from 3DPRN

    Hi-tech Lab is official retailer for the Marche region of the 3D Printers from 3DPRN. We also offer a consultive,…

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  • Social media marketing

    Social media marketing

    Being in the new Social Platforms today is extremely important, it is a fundamental window, in fact the global population…

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  • Projects by Arduino

    Projects by Arduino

    The Arduino Project. It was born from the passion for the acquari and the vast knowledge in the electronic field,…

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  • Installing alarm system

    Installing alarm system

    We install Alarm System for the safety of our customer's house or company, from intrusions, with professional Lince with the…

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  • Installing videosurveillance

    Installing videosurveillance

    We install control and security system in other companies for their own safety in their own working areas or outside…

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  • PC and Notebook selling

    PC and Notebook selling

    Thanks to our professionalism and experience of our technicians, we are able to realize custom-made PC, assembling the right hardware…

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  • Repairing Smartphones and tablets

    Repairing Smartphones and tablets

    We work on repairing every mobile device already in commerce whose warranty is expired, including tablets. We also resolve every…

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  • PC and Notebook support

    PC and Notebook support

    The supporting field is the prevailing activity in our company; thanks to our professionalism we are able to offer the…

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  • Installing tv-sat

    Installing tv-sat

    Our technicians are able to plan and realize TV setup, single or complex, using only high quality components, guaranteed from…

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  • Data Recovering

    Data Recovering

    Thanks to our company partner iRecovery, we are able to recover any file from whichever mobile device of storage or…

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  • Smartphones and tablets configuration

    Smartphones and tablets configuration

    We offer a service of smartphones and tablets configuration, to get them as much efficient and customizable as possible, based…

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  • Company Softwares

    Company Softwares

    Our programmers are able to realize company softwares to satisfy your needs regarding the company activity: that are countability, selling,…

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  • In home support

    In home support

    Thanks to our staff we are able ti guarantee a service of in home informatic support. Call us at 071…

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  • Installing company nets

    Installing company nets

    Our service regards the installation and configuration of cablate nets, Wi-Fi, VPN and the configuration of ADSL connections for private…

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  • Data recovery on smartphone and tablets

    Data recovery on smartphone and tablets

    We are able to offer you a service of data recovery on whichever brand of smartphones and tablets. Our staff…

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